Strike Plan

Finding the middle of the golf club consistently will do wonders for your shot consistency.

The Golf Studio at Dunes features the industry leading GC2 launch monitor with Head Measurement Technology (HMT). It displays exactly where on the clubface the ball was struck and this information has proven valuable to help golfers of all abilities improve their golf.

For as long as I have played golf, I have been aware of how valuable it is to consistently find the middle of the club. However, since I started using GC2/HMT it has certainly highlighted how much the ball flight can vary depending upon strike location.

And I am not talking about strikes on the edges of the club face either, missing the centre by small amounts can create a tilted spin on the ball that turns a would be drawer of the ball into a slicer and vice versa.

This is primarily down to a phenomenon we call Gear Effect.

As the club crashes into the ball it is travelling at speeds of 60mph to 120mph depending upon the club and the individual swing speed. If the strike location is not directly in front of the centre of gravity (often referred to as sweet spot or the middle of the club) then a twisting will occur in the shaft. This can often be felt by the golfer through a vibration in the club on impact and often a reaction where they will say that the club twisted in their hands.

This twisting is caused by huge forces going through the shaft as a result of the off centre collision. Imagine a car crashing into a concrete bollard at speed and off centre, you would see it twisting to one side.

Now this is where it can get a little complicated as the resultant ball flight is somewhat counter intuitive.

If the ball is struck from the heel of the club; the face rotates closed due to the impact. One would imagine this would send the ball to the left but in actual fact it creates a slice spin (to the right) because of the Gear Effect.

The exact opposite is true for strikes from the toe of the club.

It is like two gears working together. As the club twists clockwise, the ball will spin anti-clockwise.

However, the forces at play and variations during the impact phase are complicated and this can result in all sorts of things happening on severely off centre hits.

If you take a closer look at your driver club face you will notice that it is not actually dead flat. Instead it has a curve on it that we know as ‘Bulge’.

The bulge on the club is a design feature to help auto-correct the gear effect by starting the ball further right – for the draw spin to bring the ball back to centre on a toe strike and further left on a heel strike.

The images here show 6 shots played by a Tour Pro, a 7 handicap golfer and a 15 handicap golfer.
You can clearly see the huge difference in the consistency of centred strike achieved by the Tour Pro.

Next time you come to the range, take note of where on the clubface you are striking the ball. You don’t need to invest in expensive technology like we have in the studio. You can simply wet the face of your driver before each swing or use some foot powder spray as in the above images.

If you struggle to find the middle consistently then book a lesson at Dunes Golf Centre. The initial 1 hour session is just £30 and makes an ideal gift.

This can be purchased online and a voucher printed all from the comfort of your own home. Simply go to

Happy Golfing!

What would 30 yards longer from the tee do for your game?

Golf is not all about more distance but if you are going in to the green with an 8 iron instead of a 5 iron it is sure to make a difference to how often you hit the green, how close you are to the pin and ultimately what score you achieve.

Not to mention how much more fun you will have!

I am really pleased with my Ping Driver certainly hitting a lot further than I was and mostly hitting the fairway! I would certainly recommend it to any person looking for a new driver.
Norman Cruickshank

With strict rules enforced by the R&A regarding club design, it seemed the manufacturers were left reinventing the wheel when it came to bringing out new products. However, Ping have truly delivered something special with their new G driver.

Since it was launched earlier this year we have seen it outperform every other driver on the market including the likes of the Taylor Made M1 and M2, Callaway Big Bertha Alpha, Titleist 916 and everything else we have put it up against.

There’s a lot happening on the crown of the Ping G Driver  First, it has the Turbulators which we also saw on the G30.  What’s new is the Dragonfly Technology.  The structure of the crown is designed to mirror a dragonfly’s wings, an approach Ping call Biomimicry.  The benefit is that the crown is strong but lighter and thinner than ever resulting in more ball speed and more distance!

The new G driver is also more forgiving thanks to the Dragonfly Technology.  By shaving eight grams from the crown, PING has raised the MOI (moment of inertia) to make the G driver more stable on off-centre hits. And when you combine more speed and more forgiveness with high launch and low spin, you have the best driver in golf!

Warning: Buying any G Driver won’t help!

I have spoken to several people who tried a friends G driver without noticing any gains of distance or accuracy. The reason: The friends driver was built especially for them and did not suit the swing technique of the person trying it.

With three different head types and loft options, over a dozen stock shafts, and adjustability settings, there are literally thousands of combinations to choose from.

The only way you can do this accurately is with technology like the GC2 in the Studio at Dunes and with the help of one of our expert custom fit technicians who can analyse the data and optimise the set up.

In addition to the standard head, there are two options to help create a better ball flight:

SFTEC – If you have a tendency to slice the ball
More weight in the help helps turn a slice into a much straighter shot
LSTEC – For the player who hits it too high
The centre of gravity is slightly further forward which reduces the backspin on the ball.

Book your custom fitting today: Call 01346 510693 or book online by CLICKING HERE

The G Driver now accounts for 90% of all of our driver sales, but don’t just take our word for it. Look what our happy customers are saying…

Got to say I am more than happy with my driver, seem to get a little more distance when I hit it sweetly, a bit more carry, but see a big difference when I maybe don’t hit it just as sweet as I would like to compared to my old driver! Overall very happy with it!

Steven Ritchie – Rosehearty Golf Club

Fantastic driver, although I’m not a huge fan of the looks due to usually having smaller head tour drivers to reduce spin but the results don’t lie!
I would say it has added 20 yards to my drives and the ball flight is a lot more penetrating in windy conditions.Would definitely recommend the G driver to all abilities but as I have discovered with my new set of clubs custom fit is a must for all players not just the pros.

James Hadden – Fraserburgh Golf Club

Since getting fitted for the new Ping G SF Tec driver, my confidence has grown when I step on the tee, as I know where my drive will go, rather than trying to over compensate and hope my ball lands on the fairway. so that its self is a huge help…Ball flight is much higher and with the SF Tec model this corrects my fade which I am happy with and it makes it easier to play the next shot from the fairway – rather than the rough!!!

Just the look of the club head is nice to look at when teeing the ball up, as I feel this helps with your confidence.Compared to my old Callaway Big bertha 815 Aplha, I would say am hitting the ball 40-50yrds further, and on a good day when am hitting it well it’s the best club in the bag!!!!

The amount of people I know that had changed to the new Ping G Driver is quite a lot, so to me that says something – Ping you have a great driver that’s easy to hit and makes golf a lot more enjoyable.
Doug Hastie – Inverallochy Golf Club

Prior to buying my Ping G driver I was hitting my drives about 150 yards.
After purchasing my driver and have some lessons at Dunes I am now driving well over 200 yards. I’m more consistent on the fairways now than ever as I had a tendency to always slice the ball right. I would happily recommend anyone to buy this driver if they are looking to improve and increase their driving capability.
Norman Reid