Love.Golf Autumn Scramble 2018

Autumn Scramble 2018

Saturday 22nd September at Inverallochy Golf Club - 9 holes

I hope you are looking forward to another superb end of term Scramble event - I know I am! 

For some of you I am aware this is your first event and I can promise you it is nothing to worry about. The fact that this event filled up within 20 minutes of going live shows that those who've played before are very keen to play again, so it can't be that scary! 

It is more than just the golf so do not worry about how you play. It is a great opportunity to meet other women from the community as a social. 

After we have played we will all enjoy some good food, drink and great company in the clubhouse and a game of!!

Look forward to seeing you all on the day if not before, 


Itinerary for the day...

14:30 Meet in the Inverallochy clubhouse 14:40 Briefing on the rules and hand out of clubs to those that need 14:45 Group photo outside the clubhouse 14:50 Head out on the course to your designated start tee. We all start at the same time but on different holes. 15:00 At exactly 15:00 you all tee off 17:15 Finish golf 17:30 Meet in the clubhouse for drinks 18:15 2 course meal and drinks followed by prize giving and entertainment; plus raffle for charity (please bring along raffles) 20:30 Approximate finish time  


All 4 of you tee off and you choose the best shot The other 3 pick up their balls and you all play from the spot of the best shot The person who hit the shot plays first. After that simply play in the order of whoever is ready plays next. Place the ball as close as possible to where the first player played from After all four of you have played a 2nd shot, you choose the best shot again and the other 3 pick up their balls. Repeat this until the ball is in the hole.  

Points to note: • Make sure you play from the exact location on the green. • Do not hole out until everyone in your team has had a go. If you are first to putt and your ball stops on the edge of the hole, make sure you mark it with a coin so the others have a chance to hole. If you tap it in, then the hole is over and the others won't get a chance. Note: On the green is the only time you do not use a mat. • HAVE FUN! • Don't cause delays! Be ready to play - make sure you get your club out ready while one of your team mates are playing. We need to keep moving so we get round before it is dark • Keep accurate score! We are playing a competition so please make sure you are keeping a count of how many shots you have played and mark this on your card at the end of each hole. • HAVE FUN! • When you have played all the holes return to the clubhouse and hand your scorecard to me as soon as possible. Scorecards should be signed by the Marker and 1 of the others in the team to say that it is a true reflection of your scores. Please add up the total score for me. • I will be out on the course the whole time so if you need me just wave me over or give me a call on my mobile. • HAVE FUN!!  

At least one person in your group will have played this before so do not worry about trying to memorise all of the above or how to navigate your way round the course. Someone in your group will know the route so it's all good x  

Draw for partners and start tee...

Hole 1 Dawn Cardno Alison Milne Elizabeth Catto Marie Davidson 

Hole 2 Alysha Grant Brenda Cameron Gill Lamont Thelma Hutchison 

Hole 3 Emma Hadden Iona Cameron Ann Coleman Morven Catto 

Hole 4 Aimie Grant Ashley Ritchie Jackie Buchan Emma Myers 

Hole 5 Wendy Grant Charlotte Hogg Jean Gardiner June Thomson 

Hole 6 Moorea Bowie Adele Abercrombie Jill Campbell Liz Davidson 

Hole 7 Nan Summers Doreen Scott Jacqui Kelly Kristina Bruce  

Hole 15 Carol Stuart Diane Buchan Sarah Pirie Lesley Anderson

Hole 16 Michelle Cardno Edith Skinner Pam Hepburn Lucy Brown

 Note: If you can no longer play, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Food Choices - Please check...

Adele Abercrombie Fish Pie & No Pudding Aimie Grant Chicken Korma & Syrup Dumpling Alison Milne Fish Pie & Cheesecake Alysha Grant Fish Pie & Cheesecake Ann Coleman Fish Pie & Cheesecake Ashley Ritchie Chicken Korma & Syrup Dumpling Brenda Cameron Fish Pie & Bread & Butter Pudding Carol Stuart Fish Pie & Cheesecake Charlotte Hogg Fish Pie &Cheesecake Dawn Cardno Fish Pie & Cheesecake Diane Buchan Vegetable Chilli & Cheesecake Doreen Scott Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Edith Skinner Chicken Korma & No Pudding Elizabeth Catto Vegetable Chilli & Cheesecake Emma Hadden Fish Pie & Cheesecake Emma Myers Fish Pie & Syrup Dumpling Gill Lamont Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Iona Cameron Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Jackie Buchan Fish Pie & Cheesecake Jacqui Kelly Chicken Korma & Bread & Butter Pudding Jean Gardiner Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Jill Campbell Chicken Korma & Cheesecake June Thomson Chicken Korma & Syrup Dumpling Kristina Bruce Fish Pie & Cheesecake Lesley Anderson Fish Pie & Bread & Butter Pudding Liz Davidson Fish Pie & Cheesecake Lucy Brown Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Marie Davidson Fish Pie & Cheesecake Michelle Cardno Fish Pie & Syrup Dumpling Moorea Bowie Fish Pie & Bread & Butter Pudding Morven Catto Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Nan Summers Fish Pie & Cheesecake Pam Hepburn Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Sarah Pirie Fish Pie & Bread & Butter Pudding Thelma Hutchison Chicken Korma & Cheesecake Wendy Grant Chicken Korma & Cheesecake