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Custom fitting is at the heart of our business and we are delighted to be an approved fitting centre for the top 5 club manufacturers in the business:

It amazes us that so many amateur golfers are still buying clubs off the shelf and not getting properly fitted.

At Dunes Golf Centre we know how much better you will play with correctly fitted clubs so we have invested heavily in demo clubs and custom fit equipment so that all of our clubs are made to order to your perfect specifications.

In many instances this works out much cheaper than buying from the shelf as you only purchase the clubs you need. I wonder if your 3 iron (or even 4 iron) still look brand new? If you are not going to use them, then don’t buy them!

Every golfer is different in their height, weight, strength and swing characteristics so there is no way you should al lbe using the same clubs.

We have over 20 years experince fitting and building golf clubs and have learnt from the best in the business having gained PGA Qualifications as well as from the Grand Master Club Fitter/Builder himself, Mr Tom Wishon.



The Custom Fitting Process

Book you fitting by clicking the button below. A fitting costs £30.00 but this is refunded in full if any clubs are purchased as a result of the fitting*

*refund applies to new clubs only and may not be refunded against the purchase of used clubs.


Tell us what your goals are and share with us your typical ball flight characteristics and anything that you want to change or improve upon.


We take static measurements such as height, wrist to floor and hand size that provide us with a starting point.

Ball Flight and Club Analysis

We watch you play some shots and record the data including ball flight and club head performance.

We use the GC2 with HMT from Foresight Sports – the most accurate and reliable system for gathering this critical data.

The information is then used to build a club to a specification that is most suited to your swing characteristics.

This includes shaft material, flex, length, club lie angle, head type, swing weight and grip size.

Set Make Up

We find your optimum iron for distance and consistency and then make recommendation about where you would start your set.

Your set might include a three iron but increasingly we are starting sets at four, five or even six iron and instead favouring hybrids or high lofted fairway woods as long iron replacements.

We ensure that you are confident of using every club in your bag and have consistent distance gaps between each club. A common occurrence amongst amateur golfers is that they actually hit their 7 iron further and more consistently than their 4 iron!

The next step is to look at wedges and once again we need to make sure you have ideal distance gaps between each club.

Did you know…?

In a properly graded set of irons you should have a distance gap of 10-15 yards between clubs, achieved by having around a four degree loft gap between consecutive irons.

Do you know what loft gap you have between your irons?

Most modern sets have a huge loft gap between the PW and SW due to the ‘vanishing loft phenomenon.’ This creates a distance gap of 20-30 yards, which, at the scoring end of the set, is far too great.

The ‘vanishing loft phenomenon’ is where approximately 15-20 years ago manufacturers started to de-loft the irons so you hit the ball further and therefore bought their model of golf clubs. In affect a 7 iron became a 6 iron and therefore went further but the Sand Wedge needed to retain the same loft to make it a useful bunker club.

Therefore, as the Pitching Wedge became a 9 iron and the Sand Wedge was left alone – a gap was created that we now fill with what has imaginatively become known as a Gap Wedge. The manufacturers have come up with different names for this with one example being Ping who call theirs a ‘U’ Wedge.

I measured a pitching wedge recently that had a loft of just 40 degrees! Take into consideration that the loft on the 8 iron I turned Pro with in 1998 was 42 degrees, it’s no wonder people say they are hitting their irons further is it?!

Lie Angle Fitting

During the fitting process we combine data from the HMT unit and our observations of ball flight to provide a suggested ideal lie angle. However, we do not finalise this variable until the irons have arrived, at which point we adjust the lie angle of each club to make sure it is spot on for your swing characteristics. These potential adjustments take place in house using our loft/lie machine meaning you can go out and play with your perfectly fitted clubs immediately!

Free Gap Test – worth £30.00!

At the same time as checking the lie angles we will also provide you with a print out of how far you hit each club, in what is known as a gap test. This information is extremely useful, especially if you own a distance measuring device.

We normally charge £30.00 for this service but it is FREE of charge to anyone who buys their clubs from us!

Free Alterations

We want you to be 100% happy with your new equipment so we offer free alterations to loft and lie angle for up to one year after purchase. We are so confident in our fitting ability and experience that we very rarely have to make any changes but, for some golfers who have perhaps made swing changes since being fitted, this service provides peace of mind that the clubs can be altered if necessary.

Schedule your custom fitting appointment at Dunes Golf Centre

We do much more than just sell you clubs…
    1. The most accurate and best custom fitting in the UK using our experience, knowledge and technology
    2. We make sure you go away with clubs you can use effectively – in other words, you will not have a club in your bag that you can’t hit consistently. That’s why we can’t quote an exact figure for a set until we know what your set will be made up of
    3. After care service where we have you back in to see us to dynamically fit and test the playing lie angle of the clubs (this is the only proper way to do it yet we are one of the only places in the UK that actually does it.
    4. We provide you with a gap test using the GC2 in the Studio that tells you how far you hit each club in the bag. This information is a game changer!!
    5. We care about your golf game and helping you get to play your best golf and have as much fun as possible, that’s why we do what we do!

As you can see we do more than just sell you a set of clubs which is why we know we offer the best value of any golf retailer in the country. You will also find that our prices are very competitive too, even against those that are just going to try and sell you a set of clubs and nothing more!