Saturday Afternoon Junior Events at Dunes

We wim to inspire more kids to get away from the games consoles and instead get outside playing a healthy sport and socialising with real people….

As such we run a 9 hole event on our excellent little short game zone every Saturday afternoon.

It is completely free of charge (thanks to our amazing sponsors  and all you have to do is turn up with your child to register them by 2.25pm

All clubs and balls can also be provided free of charge if needed.

Usually it lasts about 45 minutes and at the end we have a prize presentation for the best scores.

To encourage the children to continually strive to beat their own personal best scores, we also run an Eclectic which is where we track their very best score on each hole over a 3 month period. The more times the play the more chances they have to beat their best score on each hole.

The current scores for each player can be found below – note: the password is sweep for you to access the information.