Love.Golf Testimonials

Over 100 women from around Fraserburgh have started golf in the last 12 months at Dunes Golf Centre. Now it's you turn...


Here is what women are saying about Love.Golf at Dunes….

I am on a second course of love.Golf and I love it, if it wasn’t for Peter and this opportunity for ladies to take up golf I would still be at home thinking I want to play but I can’t cause am not good enough getting told, you have to do it this way or no that’s wrong what’s the point you never listen…but Peter has made it possible there is no pressure some tasks look too hard but Peter breaks them down step by step… and now am thinking I can do this!!! I enjoyed the course and meeting new friends we all feel relaxed and we all have lots of fun. I do sometimes find it hard being left handed but Peter makes sure I don’t get left out!!! Thanks Peter
Shiela Reid

I feel it’s a super group of people and makes learning fun. The lessons are informative but also relaxed which is good better than my previous experiences. I have been trying to golf on and off for years! So maybe this time as I feel part of a group I might succeed and actually and make it to the course!
Valerie Campbell

Thanks to love golf been able to do something I have wanted to do by never had the courage to try, enjoying it so much and likewise  meeting new people
Linda Morrison

Peter really enjoying the experience of the Love.Golf course. Great coaching and great fun with lots of other ladies all at the stage in our golf journey.
Carol Mathers

Peter, I am half way through 3rd course. I have really enjoyed the relaxed way Love.Golf runs, no pressure but plenty encouragement to learn about golf and meeting all the other ladies has been good fun.
Alyson McIntosh

The ladies coaching is great fun. Made a lot of new friends. Always said I didn’t like golf but was encouraged to give it a go as I reached 60. The way it is  taught through is great you are not bombarded with how you must do things. Instructed as and when required to help but encouraged to try things for yourself to see how it works for you. Recommend to anyone. Give it a go if you don’t try you will never know.
Pam Hepburn

Hi Peter,
I’m so glad I joined the love golf coaching sessions, Not only am I learning to play a sport I enjoy much more than I could ever have imagined but iv made some brilliant friends, I’m keeping fit and iv found a great way to relax and de-stress.

The relaxation is something I’d not expected to find in golf but its now something I couldn’t live without.

As a mum of four boys and i’ve also found this to be an excellent family activity we can all share and the coaching sessions have given me the confidence to take the lead in sharing this with my youngest sons.
Nicola Salam

Great experience, met new amazing people, become more active, become more confident in golf but feel I am developing my golf skills. My group is brilliant!
Dawn Cardno

I attended one of the ‘love golf’ taster sessions.  I had only ever played crazy putting so I was a wee bit nervous. As soon as I walked in I felt at ease. The ladies there were all in the same boat as me.  We had never met before but we clicked instantly.
We all love our taster and decided to join us for our first set of lessons.I couldn’t wait for my next lesson, we were set into pairs.
Peter is a brilliant coach, he doesn’t put too much pressure on us, but helps us all to achieve our goals. We all want to do our best and feel encouraged when we see others accomplishing new skills.
Within a few weeks we were on the course. I couldn’t believe it!We were all a bit nervous again but it was such an enjoyable experience.  We were really playing golf, we could do it!
Not all our strokes were perfect but that’s golf for you. It was a cold cold day but it was wonderful. I felt I had accomplished something.
Since then, we been on the course again and have had many practice sessions.  We have learned so much in a short space of time.
Peter, set us up in a WhatsApp group to keep us up to date with what’s on. This has turned into a group full of friends, meeting for practice sessions, lunch and chat.
I am currently on holiday and have been out on the course with my son, something I never would have thought I would be doing a few months ago!!
Thank you to Peter, for his patience, coaching and advice.
I can honestly say ‘I love golf’
Ashley Ritchie

Peter,  I am now on my second course of love golf. I have really enjoyed the course so far, the ladies are great fun and the course is at an easy, suitable pace.
The coaching is great and their facilities are excellent.
Charlotte Hogg

I started playing golf last summer and was keen to get some lessons.  I feel I have learned a lot through Peter’s “give it a go” approach to teaching. I really enjoy the social aspect of too. It is a great way to meet new people and gives women a great opportunity to try golf.
Elizabeth Gordon

I used to think golf was a boring old mans game with no margin for error and absolutely no fun to be had…….but boy was i wrong. I remember my 1st day of my 1st block of, I sat in my car in the car park absolutely terrified! I was no golfer, had no clue what I was letting myself in for……….I’m so glad I didn’t just drive away. Not only have I learned that “there’s a golfer in us all” (wise words from Peter) I now have the confidence to play on a golf course and enjoy the game. The best part…….the wonderful group of friends I have made. Another plus point for me is the exercise, I have 2 young daughters and very little time for me, the golf sessions give me “me” time whilst keeping active. I honestly never thought I’d ever have the confidence and courage to play “a mans sport”, but there’s no stopping us ladies now ? the overall inspiration comes from Peter, he has given me the opportunity to realise I can do this, I can play and enjoy golf (even though I’m not very good haha) and gives great support and guidance along the way.
Debbie Angus

Best way ever to play golf. I love going and everyone affa patient.
Jean Gardiner

I can actually claim to love golf now. Love the company and the banter. I played well two weeks ago and was actually shocked at how much my skills  have developed. I now have the confidence to ask my son out for a round when he comes to visit. Great coach too!
Sandra Ross

I have particularly enjoyed love . Golf it has been a great experience . I have met a lovely bunch of ladies which are now friends . It’s a fantastic way to have fun and it is also great exercise. And just being out in the fresh air most days is amazing . I look forward to Thursday morning and meeting all the girls . Such a great social experience and a great way to meet new friends .???‍♀?
Ann Coulman

I’ve had a great time so far learning to play golf, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do now, and I thoroughly look forward to a Thursday catching up with new friends and learning more about golf. Our tutor is easy to approach and makes the whole experience a lot of fun and very enjoyable! Thanks to my group too for being such lovely ladies xx
Sarah Pirie

Love golf has made the game accessible for me. I didn’t want to play with already experienced golfers so it has been great to learn alongside others like me…and as the group are a lovely bunch of ladies it is making the whole learning thing fun and a joy to look forward to doing! Our tutor has a nice relaxed style so we can develop at our own pace and doing a variety of practice from on the course to the driving range to a mini course with games.  All in all brilliant so far!
Gillian Lamont