Lockdown golf games for everyone...

This page is a resource for all members of the family to enjoy playing games and learning together at home whilst we are on lockdown and beyond.

We are continually adding to this page so please keep checking back.

Are you a game inventor?
Of course you are! Please send me your game ideas or modifications to petermyersgolf@outlook.com or via text to 07971 827468

Have fun and remember - the best learning is always through PLAY!

Peter Myers
PGA Professional
Dunes Golf Centre


Off the wall

Game for 2 players or teams

The winner each round is the player who gets their ball closest to the hole without hitting it. One point per round. The winner each round goes first in the next round. First to 10 points.

Putt to the tenner

Game for 1 to many players

Place a note down on the floor and putt to try and get the ball to finish on top of it. If successful you win the money... This is harder than you might think!

Pressure Putting

Game for 1 player

Can you hole 10 in a row without missing? Start one club length away from the cup. The pressure builds as you get nearer to the 10th one without missing. If you miss you’ve got to start again! If you complete the challenge then move on to level 2 which is the same thing but from 2 club lengths away.

Penalty Shootout

Game for 2 players

Start with two markers, in this example tee pegs, placed 30cm apart as your goal. You opponent takes a shot and if they score you make your goal 2cm smaller. Have 10 goes each and see who can score the most goals not forgetting to make the goal 2cm smaller every time the opposition scores!

Blu-Tac to help strike

Practice Challenge

Placing two bits of blu-tac either side of the centre of the clubface will give you instant feedback as to the quality of your strike. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Down the Corridor

Game for 1 to 2 players

Place two clubs or sticks down on the floor to create a corridor that you have to try and send the ball down. The idea is not to have you ball touch either stick. Make the game more difficult by placing the sticks closer together.

Ladder Putting

Game for 2 players or teams

Set out a ladder on the carpet using masking tape Each zone holds a prize - you decide.. 50p, sweets? Maybe even a beer? 😂 Each player takes it in turns to putt the ball into the grid, if it finishes in between the lines you win that prize. If a zone has been won then it’s out of the game. Keep playing until all zones have been won!

Pounds & Pennies

Game for 2 players or teams

A variation on the popular board game X’s & O’s or Noughts and Crosses. Players take it in turns to putt a ball in to the grid. Place their marker (a Pound or a Penny) in the box the ball finishes in. The winner is the first player to get a line of 3 in a row.

Print at home resources...

Golf Beetle Drive

Game for 2 to 8 players

Each player needs a game sheet - download and print yours here

Each player rolls the dice in turn in attempt to roll a SIX to start

If a SIX is rolled then that player can draw the tee box in GAME 1 on their game sheet

The player will draw the features of the golf hole as shown in the top left corner of the game sheet depending on what number they roll on each turn.

Note: No other features can be drawn until the player has rolled a SIX to start

The game finishes when one player has completed drawing the hole features and shouts FORE!

Download Your Gamesheet Here

Game for 1 to 4 players

This is a brand new game that I have invented during the lockdown period. It is expected to last about 20 minutes (for 2 players)

It is designed to be fun for all and to help with numeracy skills and some of the rules of golf.

If it is successful I will map out more courses and set up online challenges between each other, such as matchplay events and weekly tournaments.

Download and print off the course pdf here

Please feedback to me!
This game is brand new and fairly untested so please give me all feedback on what you liked and how you would improve it.

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