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Golf Lessons in Aberdeenshire

Do you want to improve your golf?

Just starting out and want to learn more?

Practicing hard but not getting any better? 

A lesson with a PGA Golf Professional at Dunes will show you exactly what is needed to improve your golf based very much on your current time and commitment to the game.

The game can be much easier than you think...

...And our coaches will show you how!

Lessons are personalised to you and therefore suitable for everyone; whether you are a complete beginner or scratch handicapper.  

Book a golf lesson a Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh

For your first lesson we highly recommend the Initial 1 hour lesson



ONLY £30.00

How to book: Choose your coach below and click on their name or the button on their profile, alternatively call the team on 01346 510693

Meet our PGA Coaches

Head PGA Professional
Peter Myers

Born in Scarborough 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Turned Pro: 1997

PGA Qualified since: 2002

"The Mindset Guru"

If you're struggling to perform well in a competition, suffering from the yips or first tee nerves and can't take your range game to the course, then Peter is the coach for you. He loves helping clients achieve their potential with the minimum of swing thoughts and changes.

Likes to keep things as instinctive as possible but with the use of data from the GCquad to measure progress.

Also passionate about introducing more people to the game and has a tried and tested method to help new golfers find their way to have fun playing good golf quickly!

Non-golf facts:
Peter played hockey for Yorkshire and the North of England, is a big Leeds United supporter and loves a Brewdog Punk IPA

Book with Peter

PGA Professional
Kris Nicol

Born in Fraserburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Turned Pro: 2012

PGA Qualified since 2019

"The Short Game Specialist"

The scoring zone is from 100 yards in, no matter what level of golf you are at, this is where Kris specialises as a coach.

Having played at the highest level himself he has the knowledge to help elite golfers navigate the often challenging journey to find those small gains that make the difference between success and failure.

Has a very deep knowledge of data and swing mechanics but recognises many golfers, at all levels, need help getting the ball round the course. On course lessons are a particular favourite of Kris' to help his pupils score lower.

Non-golf facts:
Kris has a weakness for biscuits but currently has this addiction under control, or so he says.

PGA Professional
Sam Griffiths

Born in Aberdeen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Turned Pro: 2016

PGA Qualified since 2019

"The Level Up Golf Coach"

Recently started playing? Or looking to break 100, 90 or 80?

Sam loves to look at your whole game to find the ONE thing that will help you get to the next level with the least amount of effort.

Expert at analysing the data from the GCquad and presenting it to the pupil in an easy to understand manner, makes Sam the perfect coach for golfers of all levels.

Really enjoys helping golfers that are stuggling for consistnecy to understand why and importantly how to put it right, quickly and easily.

Non-golf facts:

Enjoys fishing. Loves a Dunes Sweet Chilli Chicken toasted wrap and supports Aberdeen FC.

"I really enjoyed the initial lesson with Kris. I got a coffee on arrival and we chatted about my golfing history as I was hitting a few golf balls. I liked the technology used, as it was it easy to see on the video and images of club at impact, the areas I need to improve on.

"I haven't come away with a head full of improvements but one simple thought, to keep my upper body from moving so much.

"I have also received a video of my swing along with the improvement idea. By the end of the lesson, the striking had improved and balls were flying up the intended line.

"After 5 years away, I am glad I undertook the initial lesson first and I would choose Kris to come to for more lessons."

Norman Beattie

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am just starting out and never played before, should I play a bit before getting a lesson?

A. We can't recommend highly enough getting out there playing the game and hitting balls on the range to develop your skills. The more time you put in the better but the advantage of taking a lesson right at the start means that time you put in will be helping you develop good habits and not bad ones. Undoing bad habits after a year or two of playing is much more difficult than if you were pointed in the right direction at the beginning.

Q. Do all lessons take place indoors in the Golf Studio

A. The Golf Studio is a fantastic facility for you to learn your golf as it provides feedback that is valuable to help you measure changes, increase your understanding of what you are doing and massively speed up your improvement. However, it isn't for everyone and getting outside on our grass tee, short game zone, the bunker or on the golf course is much better for some. This is why we recommend the 1 hour intital lesson so that you and the coach can find out what is going to be best for you.

Q. I play cack handed - you won't be able to help me?

A. The ball has no idea which way round your hands are on the club! We do not coach to a text book method and instead look at what you are wanting to achieve and then see how your impact factors, consistency etc. are influencing that outcome. We teach many players who's hands are the other way round, the laws of physics that influence ball flight do not change - so YES we would look forward to helping you to achieve your golfing goals.

Q. I had lessons before and there was too much information, it left me confused

A. During the 1 hour initial lesson the coach will listen to your previous experience and get a good understanding of what type of lesson will work for you. All changes work best when they are done in easy to understand, bitesize chunks. Some golfers love the technical, data driven information that the coach can provide whereas others prefer it much simpler and instinctive form. Your coach will tailor the lesson to meet YOUR needs.

Q. I play infrequently and don't have time to practice, are lessons a waste of time and money?

A. You probably won't be taking many lessons but to be pointed in the right direction and to get an understanding of what helps you to play you best golf would still be very valuable in our opinion. In the initial 1 hour lesson your coach will get to learn this and tailor the lesson accordingly around your time and commitment to the game

Q. I like the idea of a lesson but I am bit nervous and wary of it

A. The simple answer is... don't be! Although, it is perfectly normal to feel a little nervous when it comes to hitting balls in front of a stranger - not to mention a golf pro! However, our coaches are here to help you and there is nothing you can do that we have not seen before. Missing the ball and hitting it sideways are common outcomes that even experienced goflers do from time to time. Each of our coaches are very friendly and approachable and want to help you to play better golf.

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