Elite Junior Golf Coaching

Rescheduled Dates

This group is for youngsters of any age that are keen to take their golf to the next level. Perhaps they have been part of the junior groups that take place at Dunes but are ready to progress to playing more out on the golf course? Or, they may already be out playing on the course and simply want to improve their skills? 

How it works: Each child gets 3 x one to one sessions with me in the Golf Studio at Dunes. I will video their swing and give them something to work on. Video and lesson notes will be sent to you via email straight after the lesson.  

The lessons are to be booked at a time to suit you in my diary on any day and time of the week. Ideally, we book the session with a practice partner so they can then go out on the range together to work on what we have covered in the Studio. I will assign practice partners or, if you wish to choose your own practice partner then please let me know.  

These sessions are approximately 15-20mins with me per pupil followed by 30-40 minutes practice time on the range. Up to 100 balls will be provided free of charge per pupil for this practice. If it is proving difficult to schedule the session with a practice partner then the session can be taken alone. The only scheduling limit is that all three lessons need to be taken by the end of November.

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Each child on the programme gets unlimited free access to the Short Game Zone and I will be actively encouraging them to play the course as often as possible, recording a score so we can set some goals and challenges designed to inspire them. Ideally I would like them to meet up together to play the course weekly throughout this programme if possible.  

The last time we ran this series of lessons we had 3 x on course sessions. This time I have added another date so I hope you can all make at least two or three of the sessions. Do not worry if you can't make every one.

The below sessions are a superb opportunity for the kids to get out playing and learning different formats of golf. There is lots of learning taking place as they figure out how to get around the course but there will not be much (if any) direct technique coaching going on at these events. However, I will be present throughout to offer any advice where I feel it is needed.

Event 1: Monday 7th September 4.15pm at Rosehearty: Flag Event (36 shots each)

Event 2: Saturday 19th September 4.30pm at Rosehearty: Stableford

Event 3: Monday 5th October 4.15pm at Rosehearty: Stroke play

Event 4: Saturday 17th October 4pm at Rosehearty: Ryder Cup Format (Matchplay)

Each of the on course sessions will be approximately 2 hours in length.  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at Dunes or on my moblie - 07971 827468

Peter Myers PGA Professional 

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