Dave Mackinnon of Peterhead Golf Club came in for a lesson with me recently and within 20 minutes he transformed his iron play.

At the start, he was swinging the club 10 degrees to the left (out to in) and with a clubface that was 10 degrees open to this swing path. 

The result was weak shots to the right and the occasional, very destructive, power pull to the left. 

The fix was simple: Dave needed to change his club path! 

There are many different feels I could have given Dave but I have learned over 20+ years of coaching the game how important it is to help Dave discover his own feelings. 

As a result, I did NOT tell him how to move his body OR what to feel. 

Instead, I gave him a simple task to perform, and one that carried a focus of attention outside of his body. 

Watch the video here to learn what he did – it might just help you too! 

Did you know… we love helping golfers of all levels improve and enjoy the game more. 

It does not matter whether you have just picked up clubs for the first time and are shooting well over 100 or if you are looking to break 70 for the first time. We are here to help you! 

To book a lesson with one of our 3 PGA Professionals go to https://www.dunesgolfcentre.co…

or telephone 01346 510693

Note: We recommend a 1-hour lesson for your first session.

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