A few weeks ago you may remember I shared a conversation I had with ‘Trevor’ on the range about his golf game. If not, then you can read it here – Is YouTube ruining your golf? If you recall; Trevor’s game had been ruined by gorging on YouTube videos to the point where he had tied himself in knots!

Well, having helped sort Trev’s technique out, he was back with a new problem… Hitting the ball good on the range and in practice rounds, but going to absolute pieces on the course in a competition!

Does that sound like you? Do you struggle to perform when it matters most like when you have a scorecard in your pocket (or these days, a scoring app on your phone)?

If so, then it’s well worth you watching this live video I broadcast during lockdown. 

Yes, I know, it is on YouTube but this is good stuff that I am sure will help many of you realise your potential. Click the video below to watch and find out how to lower your scores without changing your swing.

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