Junior Development Plan

This is for any youngsters wanting to improve their golfing performance. It is primarily a series of individual, one to one sessions to be taken at a day and time to suit the pupil.

There is no set age range to take part in the Junior Development Plan apart from being 16 years old or younger.

It is more about where the individual is at with their golf development. 

The main requirement is that the pupil is keen on golf and wanting to learn and discover how they can improve and enjoy playing the game even more. 

They might be taking part in our current junior group lessons and want some extra coaching or they may just prefer to take golf lessons on a one to one basis. For some, it will be the next step following on from group lessons where they need to receive more individual attention.

What's included...

3 x 30 minute one to one sessions with a PGA Professional

These individual sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the pupil.

Utilising 'state of the art' technology in the Golf Studio at Dunes with video analysis the student will gain a clear understanding of what needs to change in order to improve. 

After each lesson an email summary and video of the lesson will be sent to the pupil so that they can recall the session and practice more effectively. 

When are they? You book these in the diary at a day and time to suit you and the coach anytime between now and the end of the year. 

Venue All of the one to one lessons will take place at Dunes Golf Centre

Who are the sessions with? You can choose which of our 3 PGA Professional coaches you wish to take the lessons with; Peter Myers, Kris Nicol or Sam Griffiths. 

Plus...3 x skills test

The skills tests ar designed to be taken before each lesson so that the coach and pupil can see what areas need improving the most.

It also allows the pupil to practice more effectively and motivate them to keep striving to improve upon their personal best. 

The skills tests will be available at Dunes - just ask a member of the team. 

Note: no coach is present at these sessions and the students will be working unsupervised either alone or with another student if they prefer. 

When are they? Anytime you wish

Venue Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh  

The price for all of the above is £70.00 A 30 minute lesson is normally £30.00 so it represents great value for money 

To purchase your child a Development Plan package simply click the button below or call in to Dunes.

Note: Please enter your child's first and last name on the booking form, thank you.