Fun, safe and educational golf lessons for boys and girls aged 8 to 12 years old 

No previous experience or equipment is needed. Everything can be provided at no extra cost.

Junior Tigers at Dunes Golf Centre (Fraserburgh) 

Make no mistake about it, getting your kids involved in golf will be one of the greatest and most valuable gifts you will ever give them!

The Junior Academy at Dunes Golf Centre has established itself as one of the leading venues in the UK for youngsters to learn this great game!

PGA Qualified Golf Professional, Sam Griffiths is the Head Junior Coach at Dunes and has a wealth of experience teaching golf to children. He has made it his mission to provide kids with a fantastic golfing experience. 

Make sure you secure your child's space before it's gone.

Our Philosophy...  

One of the aims of our junior golf programmes is to create an interest in playing golf. Said another way, one of the goals here is to make learning and playing golf much easier than some may believe it can be.  


What's Included...

£69.00 for the whole programme

Healthy & fun

Golf is a game for life. In a World where our kids are growing up with electronic devices we think it is vital that we still provide them with opportunities to play a healthy outdoor sport.

Learn through play

We play to learn; we did not have to learn to play. All of our sessions are designed to be smart, safe and playful.  


Interacting with other kids through sport helps to develop many beneficial life skills for your child. 

There are a million things you can buy your kids in the hope that it helps them learn and grow, only a few make a real impact – encouraging them to play golf is one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child has never played golf before are these lessons suitable?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Each session is carefully designed to allow the child to develop at their own rate so in a class of different abilities each child will be equally challenged to learn and develop their skills. However, if your child is 6 or 7 years old and is completely new to golf then we would recommend the Tiger Cubs sessions.

Q. My child does not have their own clubs yet

Answer: We can provide all the equipment needed to get them started at no extra cost. In fact we recommend they use our clubs to begin with as we can make sure they are developing using clubs of appropriate length and weight. We strongly advise against buying clubs without our professional advice. 

Q. Why Dunes Golf Centre for my child’s golf coaching? 

Answer: Our coaches are all members of the PGA and have attended many courses to enable them to provide your child with the very best possible experience. We continually update our lesson plans to reflect advancements in coaching methodology. No-where else will provide your child with a better start to a lifelong journey playing golf.  

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