New Online Golf Superstore

Even times of crisis can throw up good things and the Covid19 situation has given us a kick up the backside to do something we have been planning to do for a long time…

We aim to provide the locals with the very best golf equipment at the very best prices. To do this we need to grow our business so we can buy cheaper, offer more discounts and improve the facility further.

We recognise that many people now choose to shop online or at least research the produts before making a buying decision.

“The amount of online shopping is growing year on year and shows no sign of slowing down. We can sit back and watch our business dwindle away or do something about it. I think anyone who knows what we are about as a company will know that we are going to do something about it!”

Peter Myers, PGA Professional and owner of Dunes Golf Centre

We have added many of our in store porducts to the new website which can be found at

More stock is being added everyday including a new Second Hand/Clearance clubs section which we know is going to prove popular.

“We are noticing lots of new golfers coming to the range to hit balls with a view to start playing golf. Typically these are people that would be playing football and cricket but whilst those sports are not back in action golf is seeing the benefit. Our second hand section is a perfect place to start for these new golfers where they can buy top brands at hugely discounted prices and our staff will also take the time to make sure they are a good fit before a purchase is made!”

Peter Myers

To check out the new store click the image below…

Dunes Golf Shop Online