Rosehearty Ladies Section

2019 membership fees


If you are a love.golfer and you have not been a member in the last 3 years you get a special introductory rate of £100. When you go in to the Masons Arms to pay please make sure you say you are a new love.golfer to get this rate. 

Non - members: day ticket £15.00, 9 Holes £7.00

Remember to have fun, learn something everyday and ask if you are not sure of the rules

This is a page that will be updated regularly as new things come up. I hope it acts as a reference for all of you as I understand there can be a lot to take in all at once. Some of the following sounds a little complicated, and it is at times but remember I am here to help and welcome any questions you may have. Please use the whatsapp group as the most effective form of communication. If you are not yet in the group please message me on 07971 827468.  

Regards, Peter (Volunteer and temporary ladies handicap and competition secretary) 

How to get a handicap Simply hand 3 scorecards to me that have been marked by someone else and signed by both the marker and you. These can be 3 lots of 9 holes or a combination of 9 and 18 holes if you wish. Please hand in the 3 cards together and not individually. If you are a member at Rosehearty then I will make this your HOME club. Note, you can only have one HOME club so if you are a member elsewhere and have already got a handicap then please let me know.  

9 Hole Stableford Competitions (Saturday’s and Mondays) Take place every Saturday (when there is not a major club competition or open taking place – I will give as much warning as I can beforehand) and every Monday after the seniors finish (usually around 12pm) 

Format: 9 holes individual Stableford Cost: £2.00 (£1 goes to club funds and £1 goes back in prizes which will be issued as a credit on your account at Dunes Golf Centre) 

Prize breakdown: 19 or less entries = 100% to 1st place 20 or more = 50% to 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd  

Signing In: Enter your name in the competition book before play. Put £2.00 in the little brown envelope and put your name and the date of competition on the envelope and post in the box on the wall (not the red ladies box!) 

If you are the first to play that day and there is not a page in the book with the competition header, please create one as per the previous fixtures (it will be because I haven’t had chance to create one so you will help me out by doing so) 

Sign in on the computer. If your name is not there please put ‘name not in computer’ next to your name in the book)

Your main responsibility is to make sure your gross score is accurately recorded on the card. Your gross score (the actual number of times it took to put the ball in the hole) Take away your handicap (the number of shots you get on that hole) to get your nett score. Note: make sure your handicap is on your scorecard! You score points depending upon what your nett score is relative to the par of the hole.

Stableford scoring 1 over the par = 1 point Equal to the par = 2 points 1 under the par = 3 points 2 under the par = 4 points Anything worse than 1 over the par = 0 points

When you put your scores in the computer after your round, simply put in the gross scores and the computer will work out the points. The advantage of a Stableford is that you can have a really bad hole and it just means you score 0 points for that hole. So, in order to keep play fairly speedy, if you get stuck in the rough you can just pick your ball up and record 0 points for that hole. In the computer this is entered as a 0. 

Points to note: You do not mark your own card but swap with your playing partner. Record your scores in the markers column and the Player A (the person who’s card it is) goes in Column A Both players need to sign the card at the end of the round to state that it is a true record of the scores taken. Your cards then need to be posted in the same box as where you put your entry money. 

Your handicap can go up as well as down... As you score 2 points for a par in Stableford, playing level to your handicap would be 18 points (9 x 2 points) If you score more than 18 points then you have beaten your handicap and you will be cut (handicap reduced) It should be the goal of every golfer to strive to get their handicap as low as possible. 

The amount you get reduced depends upon two factors: 1. How many shots ‘under’ or better than your handicap you were 2. What category you are in, which is determined by your handicap • Category 1 – (up to 5) – Reduction of 0.1 per shot under handicap • Category 2 – (6 to 12) – Reduction of 0.2 per shot under handicap • Category 3 – (13 to 20) – Reduction of 0.3 per shot under handicap • Category 4 – (21 to 28) – Reduction of 0.4 per shot under handicap • Category 5 – (29 to 36) – Reduction of 0.5 per shot under handicap • Category 6 – (37 to 54) – Reduction of 0.6 per shot under handicap  

If you play worse than you handicap then you can go up. However, this is always at a rate of only 0.1 at a time and you have a buffer zone before this happens. Just like handicap reductions above, the size of your buffer where your handicap doesn’t change also varies depending on your handicap and is as follows. • Category 1 – (up to 5) – +1 stroke over your handicap • Category 2 – (6 to 12) – +2 strokes over your handicap • Category 3 – (13 to 20) – +3 strokes over your handicap • Category 4 – (21 to 28) – +4 strokes over your handicap • Category 5 – (29 to 36) – +5 strokes over your handicap • Category 6 – (37 to 54) – +6 strokes over your handicap  

The Stroke Index Do not worry too much about any of the following but the info is here for thos of you that would like to know…. To work out your Stableford score you need to know which holes you get shots on. You need to know your exact handicap and divide it by 2, then round up anything that is 0.5 or above. Example: Exact handicap = 34.9 (playing handicap of 35) But divide the exact by 2 to get 17.45 which is rounded down to 17. Over the 9 holes, 2 shots per hole would be 18 so we need to lose a shot. We take this shot off at the easiest rated hole according to the stroke index. Over 9 holes this is stroke index 9 which is hole number 6. 

As the Rosehearty Scorecard is for 18 holes to you need to work out the indexes a little differently. 

Hole 1 is Stroke Index 7 Hole 2 is Stroke Index 8 Hole 3 is Stroke Index 1 Hole 4 is Stroke Index 3 Hole 5 is Stroke Index 2 Hole 6 is Stroke Index 9 Hole 7 is Stroke Index 5 Hole 8 is Stroke Index 4 Hole 9 is Stroke Index 6 

Like I said, don’t worry too much about the above as the computer works it all out for you anyway! 

Future Competitions There are quite a number of trophies for ladies that I plan to resurrect. I have no dates for these yet but hopefully we will get some played this year so look out for them. 

I would also like some help in running the competitions as there are quite a few dates this year that I am not going to be here so, rather than just abandon the events, it would be handy if one of you could step in. Please contact me if you are willing to learn – don’t all rush at once though will you 😊  

Remember, the most important thing is to go out and have fun!


Competition Winners

All of the monies have been credited to an account at Dunes. This can be used for shop purchases, the driving range, lessons and the cafe. 

2018 9th & 11th June Nan Summers £8.00 16th & 18th June Michelle Cardno £9.00 23rd & 25th June Pam Hepburn £10.00 30th June & 2nd July Charlotte Hogg £9.00 7th & 9th July Dawn Cardno £9.00 14th & 16th July Liz Davidson £6.00 21st & 23rd July Charlotte Hogg £11.00 28th & 30th July Pam Hepburn £4.00 4th & 6th August Jackie Buchan £5.00 11th & 13th August Pam Hepburn £9.00 18th & 20th August Pam Hepburn £9.00 25th & 27th August Michelle Cardno £9.00 1st & 3rd September Moorea Bowie £11.00 8th & 10th September Brenda Cameron £7.00 15th & 17th September Nan Summers £7.00 22nd & 24th September Brenda Cameron £7.00 29th September & 1st October Brenda Cameron £6.00 6th & 8th October Carol West £7.00 13th & 15th October Moorea Bowie £6.00 20th & 22nd October Charlotte Hogg £4.00 29th October Nan Summers £4.00 5th November Pam Hepburn £4.00 10th & 12th November Doreen Scott £8.00 19th November Jean Gardiner £3.00 26th November Charlotte Hogg £5.00 1st December Charlotte Hogg £4.00 

2019 8th April Marie Davidson £5.00 13th April Liz Davidson £7.00 27th & 29th April Charlotte Hogg £11.00 6th May Moorea Bowie £6.00 11th & 13th May Brenda Cameron £10.00 20th May Brenda Cameron £10.00 25th & 27th May Moorea Bowie £10.00 1st & 3rd June Pam Hepburn £9.00 8th & 10th June Carol West £13.00 15th & 17th June Carol West £10.00 22nd June Charlotte Hogg £5.00 29th June Carol West £5.00 6th & 8th July Carol West £8.00 15th July Monica Robertson £7.00 22nd July Tracy Reid £13.00 27th & 29th July Brenda Cameron £10.00 3rd & 5th August Moorea Bowie £9.00 10th & 12th August Pam Hepburn £11.00 




Winter League 2018/19 

Congratulations to our winners Jean Gardiner & Jackie Buchan who beat Ashley Lovie & Anne Bowie by a score of 2up in the final The winners have received £15.00 each and the runners up have £10.00 each 

Click here for Winter League 2019/20 Fixtures