Gain massive yardage
in just 6 weeks!

Do you want to hit the ball further?

Make 2021 the year you grow as a golfer

No matter what your age or how far you currently hit the ball - this clinic will benefit you! Suitable for Men, Women and Juniors

Be the envy of your golfing partners as you start bombing the ball miles past them. Join the next Speed Clinic with PGA Professional, Kris Nicol

+20 Yards Guaranteed 


By applying the time-tested and scientifically validated principles of Overspeed Training to golf instruction, our team at Dunes has developed a program that will help all golfers increase distance and consistency.


I started the Superspeed training programme at the beginning of lockdown and the gains I have made are unbelievable! 115mph was my max clubhead speed with a driver but now I can reach 123mph! So now when I go and play I can easily achieve faster speeds without as much effort. That's game changing for me and now I am excited about what I can do for you!

— Kris Nicol, PGA Golf Professional


This is a 6 - week speed intensive program to improve your overall club head speed. We will meet once a week for 60 minutes to work on improving your club head speed, utilising the Super Speed protocols. Each week your certified Super Speed trainer, Kris Nicol will take you through the exercises that will change your game!

The first clinic filled up in just a few days so we have scheduled a new group...

Monday 1st February 2021 6pm to 7pm
for 6 consecutive weeks - JOIN NOW


NOTE Re. Covid19: If we do not come out of the current lockdown by 1st February then the dates will get pushed back until we are allowed to do the program. If you cannot make the revised dates then you will get 100% of your money back.

Superspeed Golf Training benefits

  • Increased club head speed
  • Increased ball speed
  • Leads to a faster more efficient swing
  • Aids in transferring more energy through the chain
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Promotes better ground force mechanics
  • Improved sequencing in the golf swing
  • Average 5% increase in Speed

What you get

  • 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions with Kris Nicol at Dunes Golf Centre
  • All range balls included during your coaching sessions
  • At each session you will be taken through a fun and enlightening programme to develop your speed
  • Progress will be tracked on the GC2 launch monitor in the Golf Studio at Dunes
  • Information on what to do between sessions to maximise your progress
  • Each particpant gets their own set of Superspeed sticks to keep, worth £209.99

All for less than the price of a new driver!



What Speed Clinic students have to say....

"Kris was an excellent coach for the Superspeed classes I attended, explaining the science behind the programme but making the sessions fun too.

"I gained a lot from the classes including greater flexibility, clubhead speed and distance off the tee."

Doug Purdie (November 2020)

Doug Purdie SuperSpeed Golf Data

Alan Joss SuperSpeed Golf Data

"I attended the 6 week SuperSpeed programme that Kris organised in Oct/Nov 2020. The sessions were excellent, Kris has a great understanding of the science behind the drills and their relevance to a powerful golf swing. The classes were carried out in a lovely manner which meant there were many funny moments alongside the coaching.

In terms of results I have gained around 10mph in swing speed over the 6 weeks with the sequencing of the swing being a key factor. I am certainly longer and straighter as a result of the sessions. After Christmas it’s on to Level 2!

Alan Joss, November 2020

Unleash your power potential!


What are you waiting for?
Reach your full potential. hit the ball further, shoot lower scores and above all have more fun doing so!


We've got A's for your Q's

What is OverSpeed Training?

Overspeed Training works by getting the body to move at a faster than normal speed during a known motor pattern. Essentially the brain has a set speed for the neuro-muscular response when a golfer makes a golf swing. We first need to increase the response speed from the body by reducing the “load” or in this case the weight of the club. We then need to gradually increase this load to teach the brain that the body is capable of running the motor pattern faster. In our application to golf, we use a club that is about 20% lighter than a driver, one that is 10% lighter, and one that is 5% heavier in order to achieve maximum results from OverSpeed training.

I really want to do the clinic but I can't make the dates advertised, what are my options?

We appreciate some of you may not be able to commit to 6 consecutive weeks, or the day and time of the next class just may not suit your schedule.

If this is you then please contact us on 01346 510693 as we have a solution in place for individuals to complete the programme outside of the group sessions.

Does it matter if I'm new to golf?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to learn all the good habits that will help you enjoy a lifetime of playing great golf. You'll learn all about best practices, terminology, and avoid making costly mistakes with bad equipment purchases too!

I already own a set of speedsticks do I have to buy them again?

No! If you already own a set of Speedsticks simply click the join now button but enter HAVECLUBS in the redeem coupon section when it asks for payment and this will reduce the price of the clinic to £160.00.

How does increased swing speed affect my distance?

1 MPH = ~2.6 yards of carry distance. Variables include face angle, attack angle, spin axis, & environmental factors.  

Can you be too old to start speed training?

No, you can perform speed training just as long as your physician has cleared you for physical activity.

Even though you recommend training 3 days/week, would it affect me negatively if I train every day?

SuperSpeed training is very demanding on the neurological system which requires a longer rest period than a typical practice or gym session. We have found that optimal gains are best achieved with a day of rest in between each session.

Do I need to go to the gym in order to realise any real gains?

No! The training you do during the clinic and the simple exercises you will be encouraged to do at home between sessions will be sufficient.

There is no need to go and pump iron at the gym everyday!  

Are the classes safe given the current Covid19 pandemic

Whilst the classes take place as a group it is limited to just 6 people so that social distancing can be adhered to at all times. You will be using your own equipment so there is no danger of touching clubs used by anyone else.

All classes take place outdoors on the range so there is ample ventilation. Your safety is our number one priority.

Are the classes suitable for women and juniors?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact some of the biggest and most valuable gains reported around the World are from female golfers who have massively increased their enjoyment by gaining valuable yardage on all of their full shots.

We also have Speedsticks suitable for youngsters aged 7 years old and up

SuperSpeed on tour

Well over 600 tour players from across the World are using Speedsticks to improve their game every single week

Bryson DeChambeau

Phil Mickelson

John Rahm

Becky Morgan

Mel Reid

Anne VanDam