Family Christmas Fair

Saturday 22nd December 11am to 3pm at Dunes Golf Centre

I read somewhere this week that ‘Sitting’ is the new equivalent of smoking!

So, when South Park School in Fraserburgh recently sent me a letter asking if we as a business could support their project for a new outdoor kids play and activity area I was delighted to help out.

Much research has proven that academic ability is closely linked to fundamental movement skills, so it’s not a case of just going out to play and not learning anything… healthy bodies lead to healthy minds and it’s imperative that we encourage and provide opportunities for our children to play actively.

As such we are holding a fund-raising Christmas Fair at Dunes Golf Centre to which you are and all of your family are invited.


We’ve got golf games, face painting, tombola and a chocolate raffle!

Suitable for ages 2 to 102. You do not need any experience or equipment as all this will be provided for no extra charge. Our Christmas Fair open to everyone, not just the families of South Park school pupils.

Golf Games on the range
Chip through the hoop
Score a goal
Hit Santa
Putting Challenge
Bullseye Target
£5 per player for as many goes as you want

Golf Studio Games
Nearest Pin will be held at the following times:
11.00am to 11.30am
12.00pm to 12.30pm
1.00pm to 1.30pm
2.00pm to 2.30pm
£1 per go
£50 voucher for the winner

Smashing Windows will be held at the following times:
11.30am to 12.00pm
12.30pm to 1.00pm
1.30pm to 2.00pm
2.30pm to 3.00pm
£1 for 3 goes
Prize if you smash a window

We also have:
Face painting
A Chocolate Tombola
Instant Win Raffle

Note: We are looking for prizes for the raffle. If you have something, no matter how small, please drop it off at South Park school or Dunes Golf Centre between now and Friday 21st December.

Dunes for Christmas
Don’t forget Dunes is open 7 days a week for all your golfing needs.
Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm
The cafe closes at 4pm on Saturday 22nd December
The shop closes at 4pm on Monday 24th December
Everything re opens again as normal on Friday 4th January.


The future of a generation is in our hands

We are on a mission to get more people playing golf; simply because it is such a great, healthy sport that is suitable for all ages and all physical abilities.

The fact is, you do not have to be a great golfer with a low handicap to enjoy playing the game!

I truly believe there is a golfer in everyone and my 20+ years as a golf pro have proven to me so many times that this is definitely the case.

Unlike a game of badminton or tennis; if one player is much better than the other then there is no contest and it isn’t much fun for ether player.

Golf is different… it is just you, against yourself and the golf course. A fascinating game that provides so many positive opportunities for new lifelong friendships, health (both physical and mental), business and enjoyment.

I have repeatedly expressed my concern over the years at the amount of time our children are spending in front of screens and not outdoors exercising face to face with real people.

I have seen a rapid decline in the hand eye coordination of young kids that come to golf and I have no doubt this is because they are spending way too much time just moving their fingers and thumbs on a controller or screen and not developing fundamental movement skills necessary for a long and healthy life.

Now don’t get me wrong, most kids today will kick my backside at Fifa or Fortnite and to be honest I  certainly enjoyed my time playing Sensible Soccer and the like on my Amiga back in the day. But I mixed it with plenty of time kicking a football about, playing catch, hitting a tennis ball up against the wall etc.

In that time, as a young boy, I developed the hand eye coordination and movement skills that enabled me to become a good golfer as well as play badminton and hockey to a high level too.

It is not my place to tell anyone how to parent but please… go for a game of catch with your kids, have a kick about in the park and perhaps even book them on to a series of coaching sessions with your local PGA golf pro.

Golf teaches more than just how to play a game; such as etiquette, how to get along and how to be supportive of one another…for instance; how they don’t have to put someone else’s candle out to make their own burn brighter. It teaches self determination and perseverance in a World where many seek and expect instant gratification. It’s also a game can enjoy playing independently in a safe environment.

As the recent John Lewis advert says… ‘some gifts are more than just a gift’ and it is our responsibility as parents to ensure our children are more than just academics and good at using computers (though recent research has proven that having good fundamental movement skills aids academic abilities).

To learn more about our junior coaching programmes at Dunes and to check availability please click this link:


Do you know how to repair a pitchmark properly?

As a 14 year old and just as I was getting the golfing bug, I did two weeks work experience with the greenkeepers at the World Famous, Ganton Golf Club.

Ganton is located just outside my hometown of Scarborough, with the course famous for being one of only a handful in the World to have hosted The Ryder Cup, The Walker Cup and the Curtis Cup.

Me on the 6th tee at Ganton Golf Club

A few years later it would be the venue where I would start my career as a PGA Professional as I took the assistants job at the club.

However, it was in that two weeks as a greenkeeper where I learned lots about maintaining and caring for a golf course and one particular thing stayed with me and I’ve shared it with 1000’s of golfers since…. How to repair a pitchmark, correctly!

Did you know..?

A correctly repaired pitchmark will recover in 24 hours. However, an unrepaired pitchmark left unattended for two hours will take up to two months to recover.

Now that the season has started, the increase in numbers playing on the courses means that inevitably more pitchmarks will be made on the greens. However, there is no excuse for not repairing them after you have made one.

The increased numbers arise despite just about every golfer I speak to speak to saying, “Why can’t people repair their pitchmarks?” Everyone you talk to always claim that they repair 3 or 4 on every green!

As well as looking unsightly, from a golfing point of view, pitchmarks can affect ball roll and cause a player’s putt to bobble and deviate offline. Studies have shown that on average, a golfer will make 8 pitchmarks during a round of golf. If 130 rounds are played per day, that’s over 1,000 pitchmarks per week; no surprise then that it can be difficult to hole a putt!

It isn’t just about attempting to repair the pitchmark… it is about repairing it properly. Many golfers out there do not know how to do it correctly and damage the grass in the process….
In summary, you should take your pitchmark tool and insert the prongs into the turf at the edge of the depression. Do NOT insert the prongs into the depression itself, but at the rim of the depression. Then push the edge of the repairer toward the centre, using the tool in a gentle twisting motion. Do NOT insert and attempt to push up the depression as this only leads to tearing the root and killing the grass.

Claim your FREE pitchmark repairer from Dunes

As part of our campaign to spread awareness of the ‘Pitchmark Problem’ we are giving away pitchmark repairers to the first 100 people to come along to Dunes Golf Centre to claim theirs.

Don’t be shy, everyone should carry one of these tools when they play. However, if you do find yourself without one when you are playing, you can still repair a mark effectively with your tee peg in the same way as stated above.

We are blessed with an abundance of great golf courses in the North East of Scotland so let’s all do our bit to keep them in great condition. Pitchmarks (and divots) are not the responsibility of the greenkeeping staff but of every golfer who plays the game.

Enjoy your golf,

Peter Myers
PGA Professional


Unlock your golfing potential

Unlock your golfing potential
I have had a fantastic response from the e-newsletter last week that talked about performance versus potential. It seems many of you are aware of how your thinking affects your performance.

Here is the second part in a mini-series on the ‘inner game’ of golf.

Only through a ‘holistic’ approach to your golf game, including working on the ‘inner game’, will you start to realise your potential and enjoy your golf more.

The ‘Self Fulfilling’ Prophecy
Psychologically, fear produces the reaction of trying too hard to maintain control. If you are afraid of missing the fairway you can be overly cautious – you try to steer the shot and make an awkward swing. When we do this the ball inevitably heads for the rough – it is a self fulfilling prophecy!

Physically, fear produces bodily reactions where blood flows to our bigger muscles so we have less feel in our hands and we tend to make poor decisions with our brains. Adrenaline flows freely and we get speedy and jumpy.

The fear of a bad result causes the muscles to tighten up during the swing. This can lead to sudden jerky movements – exactly what a good swing is not.

Curing the problem:
Choose the shot you feel the most confident about playing. You have to accept the range of outcomes of the shot – good and bad. Commit fully to the process without letting anxiousness over the outcome inhibit your abilities.

Don’t think of a pink elephant!
Having read the above statement I am pretty sure that a pink elephant just popped into your mind, right?

This is because the mind does not have a specific image or understanding of the word “DON’T”.

This is why often the thought “Don’t duff it in the water,” is followed by just that result.

Sometimes the mind takes the word “Don’t” to be a call to action against a negative outcome and it will produce the complete opposite result.

An example of this would be “Don’t hit it out of bounds left,” your mind may direct your body to send the ball as far from the left side as you can. That’s why you may find yourself in the trees on the right – you did a good job of not hitting it left but not such a good job of getting it on the fairway.

Overcome this by stating a positive intention before you play every shot. In the examples above “Do” make your target the green and “Do” intend to hit the right hand side of the fairway.

Imagine driving your car home thinking of everything you “Don’t” want to hit. It would be a very torrid and nerve racking drive home and I would imagine far more likely to end in disaster.

Enjoy your golf more this year
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Do you find that you never perform as well in a competition?

Do tension and nerves wreck your game?
Do you fail to realise your potential?

With the golf season now in full swing, I am seeing an increasing number of new clients who feel they are failing to realise their potential. The first few medals have been played and the handicap has gone up point one each time, despite preparing for the season better than ever before.

Golfers have a potential level of performance primarily governed by their technical ability to perform a good, repeatable, swing action.

If the technique is improved there is a higher ‘potential’ level of performance. Notice how I state a ‘potential’ level and not a definite improvement in performance.

This is because of a simple equation:

Performance = Potential – Interference

Interference can take on different forms but the most consistent and destructive to performance is that which comes from within – the self-talk.

This includes what you say whilst you are playing the game and also beliefs that you forge about your golf. Often our beliefs are very limiting.

A quick example of the power of belief is back when the ‘4 minute mile’ used to be considered completely impossible – even doctors had written articles saying this time was not humanly possible. Therefore, when Roger Bannister finally broke the record in 1954, it was considered that this record would never be achieved again – yet in the following 12 months, 32 other runners broke his record.

Legendary golfer and my childhood hero – Nick Faldo said, “The most important space on the golf course is the 5” between your ears.”

The chart here demonstrates the Performance Equation:

In other words; no matter how much practice time you put in, working on your swing in lessons or on the range – it won’t make a jot of difference if there is a stack of interference going on in your mind.


Here is my number one, proven to work, tip to help you shift your current mindset:

The 15 shots worse game
This is quite radical but is a necessary step for you to change the record that has been playing for all those years in your mind.

The game goes like this: Work out what your average score has been for the past few months. You now have to go out score at least 15 shots WORSE than that score!

So, if your average is 85, for you to win at this game you have to score at least 100 the next time you play.

However, you lose the game if any of your playing partners ask if you are playing badly on purpose!

Think about how you would feel.

Suddenly the fear of bad shots is removed as this is actually winning at the ‘new’ game.

The self-imposed shackles of PERFORMANCE are also removed. If you commit to this process you will find it extremely liberating.

I have had some amazing feedback like this from a client:

“I was scoring around 23 Stableford points every time I played and was getting really frustrated, especially as I hit the ball pretty good at the range and in lessons.

“So, Pete asked me to go out and score no more than just 8 points! It felt weird to go out and play bad on purpose but we had a £20 bet on it so I thought – what the hell let’s give it a go!

“I felt so free on the golf course especially as it completely removed the stresses I was placing upon myself about my score. The truly incredible thing was; I get through nine holes and I find out I am on 24 points already (that was the £20 gone!)

“Interestingly, I came back in only 10 points for a 34 point total but when Pete asked me what happened on the back nine I had to tell the truth – I felt on the 10th tee that, as I was on for my best ever score, I had better start trying! Turns out I went back to the old habit of focusing on score and trying so hard that it gave me the old result. Silly when I look back on it as I should have just carried on doing what I was doing.”
Lee Morris

If you want to unlock your potential simply book your initial 60 minute session for just £30 at Dunes Golf Centre.

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Bunker Play – How to be great from the sand. Pt1

Is a bunker shot something you look forward to?


Many golfers freeze with fear when faced with a bunker shot. This fear creates tension and in most cases the wrong sort of movement that is required to play a successful shot. Follow these simple steps and you will soon be playing bunker shots with a confidence that makes the seemingly difficult task very easy indeed. If you watch the Pro’s on tour you may have noticed how easy they make this shot look.

The traditional way of playing bunker shots involved aiming left, opening the clubface and leaning the shaft towards the target.

However, in recent years I have found a better, much simpler way of playing great bunker shots.

Simple Swing:
Aim for about 2-3” of sand before the ball but because of the way that this technique uses the bounce of the club the exact amount of sand you take is not that important.

Swing towards the target like a normal golf shot from the grass.

Key Point: The body is the engine
Rotate your body confidently through so your belt buckle finishes facing the target. With a little practice to master this technique you will find your confidence grows and bunker shots become something to look forward to and not something to fear.

Look out for more bunker tips next week!

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