Winter Golf Tips

When you’re playing golf during the winter, your shots don’t carry as far or roll out as much as they would in the summer.

It’s just a fact of life. It also means that judging distances to the green becomes a lot trickier, with many amateur golfers coming up a little short with approach shots. Have you noticed this trend in your own game recently?

Here are a couple of steps you can take to solving the problem…

Step 1: Gapping session

Well, if you come and see us for a gapping session, we can work out the exact yardage that you hit each club in your bag, making finding the green more often a reality.

However, you won’t realise the benefits of knowing your distances unless you know how far you need to hit the ball, something that a Garmin GPS device will certainly help with.

Step 2: Garmin GPS device

The Approach S10 is the perfect solution to your yardage woes. Featuring a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the S10 will give you the distance data you need to play better golf (front, middle and back as well as hazards and doglegs).

This technology is there to help you, so make sure you’re taking full advantage like most other golfers are!

Better still, as part of our Black November special offers we are the cheapest in the UK at just £109.99. That’s £30.00 off the normal price. Or, if you want the ultimate watch GPS, the S60 is on offer at £299.99, saving you £100 off the normal price.

Both offers are limited availability so don’t delay.

On the subject of Winter golf…

Most of the local clubs have enforced a winter mat rule in order to protect the fairways. Now some of you may love the mat, or you may loathe it!

Whatever your opinion, the fact is it’s a requirement for you to use them.

However, there are different options available…

The standard piece of artificial turf has long been the most popular but there is a new mat on the block and it’s without doubt our personal favourite…

The traditional winter mat
The Launch Mat is the BEST winter mat you can use

The Launch Mat
The plastic construction sits much lower to the ground than a traditional mat (meaning you don’t need to grip down your club as much) and it’s unique curved shape means it feels much more like hitting off normal turf at impact.

In addition to the enhanced feel and playability, the launch mat is also small enough to fit in your pocket and is really light weight.

I’m not a huge fan of winter mats but as we need to use them at the moment – the Launch Mat is definitely my preferred choice.

Both mats are available to buy from Dunes Golf Centre now.


Winter golf

Keep your balls warm
Warmer golf balls travel through the air further than cold ones. This is mainly because the core gets harder when it’s cold so you need to generate more swing speed to hit the ball your usual distance.

It takes a number of hours for cold to penetrate to the core so make sure you store your golf balls in the house and not in the car or garage overnight.

To help overcome this, ensure you arrive at the first tee with at least two warm golf balls. Even put them on a radiator the night before and then keep them in your pocket until you get to the first tee.

You must not, however purposefully warm the golf ball in your pocket using a handwarmer or other such device as you play – this would be in breach of rule 14-3.
Did you know?…
A golf ball loses approximately 2 yards in carry for every 5˚C that the air temperature drops.
Switch to a low compression ball

The golf ball you play can, or maybe should, change from Summer to Winter. No longer is extra spin around the greens so beneficial due to the greens being much softer in the winter. This means you can play a ball with a firmer, distance inducing, cover. Distance becomes a greater priority as the soft ground and cold conditions will mean much distance is lost compared to summer.

If you normally play a ProV1 or other premium soft cover ball then consider switching to something with a lower internal stiffness (compression) like; Titleist DT Trusoft, Srixon Soft Feel or the new Srixon Ultisoft. The lower compression is really beneficial as the core gets stiffer in the cold as mentioned earlier. In actual fact many ladies golf balls are the best for winter golf.